Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Meeeee!!!!

Guess what today is? Drum-roll please...Ah, forget it, you already know. I have officially been locked for one year. And I have absolutely nothing planned. Maybe I'll use this as an excuse to get the boyfriend to take me out to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant. But here's how I'm going to do it on this blog. I'm going to make an attempt to post as many pictures of my journey as possible- kind of an attempt at showing the growth thus far. (That will be tough considering that some a** monkey from my job deleted all of the pictures off of my first digital camera-grrr!!! But nevermind that-I will do my best). I will also list all of the ups and downs I experienced in my first year of locking. First things first...

One year ago today.  I was very unsure about my brave new hair do.  But I sucked it up and decided to live dangerously.  I washed my hair and my mother palm rolled it using ORS hair locking gel.  I would never suggest anyone start their locks with palm rolls if their hair has a little length to it.  They do not stay for anything.  I would probably suggest braid locks or two (or three) strand twists (but that's just my humble opinion).

A closer view of my head on day one.

Uh, yeah, did I forget to mention that in the beginning stages locks don't stay for anything.  I think this is my first wash.  Or maybe just one of the many washes that completely obliterated my beginner twists.  Whatever it was, it was very frustrating to say the least.

This is around the time I became a diy'er (do-it-yourself-er).  I was mixing up all kinds of concoctions that are still sitting in my cabinets now.  Bottom line...the main thing that consistently gets used on my hair nowadays besides my favorite shampoos are apple cider vinegar, honey, and olive oil, olive oil, olive oil.  I still use the occasional spray bottle concoction, but not often.

Early April 2008

Wore my hair up A LOT around this time.  I was a huge fan of the up do.  Still am, to tell you the truth.

Around this time I was learning to accept my locks.

And my hair was definitely budding during this time.

Love these model pics.  They helped to boost my confidence, showed the diversity of locks and my newly gained length and introduced me to my new favorite do.  THE BUN.

But a funny thing happened while my
 hair was in a bun.  It was secretly growing.

circa November

Some days it would lay down wrong and some days it would lay down right.

(But whatever it did, it was dy-no-miiite! - just had to throw that in, lol)

Around this time, I was noticing some knotting.  And it was driving me CRAZY!!!  I even considered cutting the tips off of my locks.  Think of that! (But I didn't and I'm glad I made that decision.)  Chunky tips and yes, even knots are normal for some people during the locking process.  (My advice is to continue palm rolling, twisting, latching and focus on maintaining the tips of your lock just as much as the base. - which is something that I wasn't doing at the time.)

I was getting bored and decided to try some new things.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that my hair took well to rollers.  So...

Also, I got a little spoiled by my sister (aka "the braiding machine") and got to wear the best hair do ever.  I suggest anyone who is wearing locks to go to a hairdresser or do an extravagant style like this occasionally.  I think we all need reminders as to how versatile locks are.  And in the beginner stages, anything different you can do with your hair to occasionally break out of the cycle is good for your spirit.

Typical look for me from day to day recently.
 December 2008

So here I am ( in one of my staple hair accessories; the net hat or bonnet, whatever you wanna call it).  I'm one year in and ready for more years to come!

January 2009


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guess who's getting a bath today?

I'll give you a hint.  

It's the four legged (angry looking guy) in this picture.  He is not happy!

But anywhoo...I have been muy busy lately, since my last work project is now complete.  Living in the freelance world, I am now at that spot that nobody likes.  Looking for the next gig.  I am catching up with things that have gone awry in my life.  Like my credit score for one.  (Some hooligans decided to steal my social and now I have to pick up the pieces).  Also catching up on laundry, cleaning and looking for a new place.  Lots to do.  (Sigh!)  Haven't been focusing on the hair really, but it's still growing.  I will be washing and re-twisting this evening.  That's it for now.  Here's a pic to keep up with the theme of this blog.  (Maybe I should make this a general blog, moreso than a hair blog).  Hmm . . . maybe.