Monday, February 15, 2010

For Real Hair Store Lady? For Real?

I have been on the hunt for about 3 months now. What am I looking for, you ask? A freaking hair-pin. That's right! A hair pin. You know, the long (often decorative) stick that holds up your hair.
Yeah, that. Now not only did I find out they no longer exist in any shape or form, but apparently (according to a "hair store" owner) they are no longer even cool or relevant. Personally, I don't agree. I was wearing one while she snarkily laughed that nobody wears them anymore.

Actually it wasn't a hair pin that I was wearing. It was a pen pen, of the black ink variety LOL. Since then, I have found other stick like objects to pin my hair up with.

If you look closely, in this picture you'll see that I am holding my hair up with a makeup brush, lol.

Can anyone say desperate?

I think I'm just going to buy some chopsticks when I get a chance. And if you're curious about how and why I need a hair pin to create this updo, here's what I do (and then why I do it) . . .

- I gather a bunch of hair from the back of my head and hold it up (according to where I want it to be.)

- Next, I take a ponytail holder and stretch it across that portion of hair that I am still holding up.

- Finally, I take a stick and push it all the way through the hair so that it is looped on both sides by the ponytail holder.

Voila! Your hair is being held up by stick and string. I find this style easy and convenient to do because my hair is too thick for the plastic hair claws that I used to use. Also, I use way too many bobby pins trying to keep this full head of hair on top of my head. This is just quick, easy and low maintenance.

So there it is!